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The American Leisure Selection

Lamp Specification

  • Body lamps: 40 x 180W
  • Face lamps: 3 x 400W
  • Power consumption: 10.5 kW



Available Options

  • LED door panel
  • Bluetooth
  • Bespoke design available



Rental Terms

Tan UV are one of the only companies that can offer brand new and full reconditioned equipment to rent that doesn’t require you signing 2-3 year agreements. We supply all sunbeds with new lamps and a token meter all on a 6-month contract. Not only that we will re-tube your unit completely free of charge, saving you around £450 per year.

Our rental contracts are for 6 months thereafter it goes onto a rolling 28 day contract, there is an install fee plus one months rent in advance, we also require the following:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of driving license
  • Copy of home utility bills
  • Landlords details
  • Copy of insurance covering the tanning equipment

Rental Price: £199 per month plus VAT



Customise your sunbed, buy a bespoke sunbed featuring the design of your choice

Purchase Information

These tanning units range from basic models to high end models, they are available in both 48/60 lamps, LED door panels are optional, music is fitted as standard on all units.

We can also offer own branding for these units, also they are available in many different colours, American Leisure are always adding to their range look out for more new arrivals, lie down tanning equipment will soon be available.

48 Tube Bed Purchase Price: £3250 plus VAT
60 Tube Bed Purchase Price: £3650 plus VAT

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