I-Brite (Non-Twist)

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I-Brite (Non-Twist)

The new I-Brite Lamp has been specifically designed using the most up to date technology to give it an ice white glow.

Never before has a lamp with such brightness been produced. The I-Brite gives an instant result which helps your skin achieve a wonderful natural looking deep tan.

The I-Brite is a superb choice for salon operators that want to fulfil their client’s tanning expectations. Due to its internal innovative and unique complex properties this high performance lamp will guarantee maximum results whilst producing a glowing, beautiful, long lasting tan in a short period of time.

The I-Brite is one of the best lamps ever produced containing a unique blend of 4 Phosphor’s giving the lamp its impressive exclusive Ice Bright Glow. This lamp is the very first of its type in tanning lamps Worldwide, designed and developed to give both visually stunning looks and unbeatable tanning result.

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